Let’s Wander…

Katie Reeve (that’s me!) a Celebrator, Story Collector and Compére of Ceremonies:  Bush weddings, outdoor weddings, indoor weddings, indoor/outdoor weddings, elopements, adventure weddings, surprise Weddings, Life ceremonies and Funerals.  I write them all from scratch, taking into consideration the styling, music, reading, vibe (and so on, and so forth); this is an overall experience we are creating together, let’s make it flow!

I like to think of myself as a ‘Bush Walking Celebrant’, however I’m totally up for donning the heels and doing the venue thang… whatever the calling!  So… shall we wander?

My area of specialisation is in Outdoor Weddings.

(Shoes Optional – always!)  Whatever the calling, there are places on this earth that speak to your heart and instil a sense of love, connection and peace within you.  A soulful connection and public declaration of love can be witnessed by more than our nearest and dearest.

All terrains, from beautiful venues to rugged bush.  I’m in!

We all know and love the standard wedding at a venue.  But a bush wedding?  Wilderness weddings. Elopements in National Parks. Remote weddings. There is much to gain in choosing an outdoor location.

But what exactly IS considered ‘outdoor’ (don’t laugh, this deserves definition!).   I rather enjoy Oscar Wilde’s definition of what ‘nature’ is:

Nature: a place where birds fly around uncooked – Oscar Wilde

You don’t need to be hardcore to have an outdoor wedding!  Outdoors could be your local park, your backyard, your parents farm… ‘Bush Weddings’ are accessible to everyone.

Perhaps, while out and about, you might take a cutting home to propagate?  After All;

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow – Audrey Hepburn

About Me

Next to this text: Fancy pants photo of me. In reality: Story Collector, Professional Celebrator and Compére of Ceremonies PLUS Mum of 2, garden lover, Cat kisser (not entirely true, I don’t kiss my cat, it just seemed to flow, but I do love him). Lover of: people, people’s stories, music that tells people’s stories, music that tells people’s stories alongside words and ritual. Get me over a coffee watching the world go by and I’ll be tinkering away in my head how to orchestrate your celebration.

You’re pretty good at life’ing. I’m pretty good at champion’ing.

I am a Life Celebrant, that someone who swoops (hopefully gracefully) in during life’s most memorable moments. An Authorised Marriage Celebrant who’s all about moments that deserve attention, public declaration and congratulatory celebrations.  A life Celebrant who understands the moments that are sobering, challenging yet just as important.  Someone to share your story as you celebrate all Rites of Passages in your families life’s career.

I listen to your ideas, needs, stories, requests. I collect, collate and reflect. I write. I suggest. I confer.  I come back to you with my ideas on how WE can celebrate YOUR event so that it is uniquely YOU based off what YOU have given ME.

Quietly, I think it is such a joyful process, with you at the helm (Project Manager) and me at the rear (supporting, ahem – insert chuckle here).


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