About Katie

About Me

I am a Life Celebrant, that someone who swoops (hopefully gracefully) in during life’s most memorable moments. An Authorised Marriage Celebrant who’s all about moments that deserve attention, public declaration, and congratulatory celebrations.  A life Celebrant who understands the moments that are sobering, challenging, and real life human experiences.  Someone to share your story as you celebrate all Rites of Passages in your family’s life’s career.

Why Me? Why Now?

A History that gets us from… here… to… there…

My family. My life. My Personal Story.

The year was 2014. The month November. The stick read 2 lines. The plane tickets were booked. The move was imminent. A new question: what was I going to do post children?  After over 10 years working as a freelance Storyteller, predominantly in the UK, my Husband and I decided it was time to return to Australia. Me, my home, him, a new country. Upon landing in Melbourne our desire to start a family was a real, my stomach growing rapidly daily.  I had made a decision to side step careers pre-move. Australia lacks the density of population to sustain a full time Storyteller. The arts landscape is worlds away from London. I spent the next 4 and a bit years loving my beautiful children, researching and reading. I wanted to find a creative industry that worked with people. That told individual stories and celebrated life. That my skills would be transferred to and my brain challenged…

…I like to think I’ve nailed it! Thoughts?

A bit About Me

Here’s a little biography I prepared earlier.

(I’ve written it in third person to be a little bit fancy!)

Katie is a Celebrant.  Before that, she was a Storyteller. But really, the two go hand in hand – Storytelling and Celebrant…  She studied at The Gordon in Geelong to learn all about the world of Celebrancy.  The rest will tell you about the journey to this course…

Katie spent 7 years working in the UK as Co-Artistic Director of Paper Balloon Theatre Company, creating work with, for and by young audiences. Whilst in this position, the company were resident artists at Pegasus Theatre in Oxford and Half Moon Theatre in London. Katie has worked with companies in Europe, USA and Australia including: Moscow Puppet Theatre, NYU Steinhardt University, Quicksilver Theatre, The New Diorama Theatre, Icon Theatre, Jacksons Lane Theatre, Theatre Exchange, Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG, West End), The Ministry of Stories, Australian Theatre for Young People, Phrankly Theatre, Trash Puppets, Bianca Fenn School of Music, Blackhole Theatre and RADA. Direction and Dramaturgy credits include the co-commission of The Grumpiest Boy in the World by Finnegan Kruckemeyer with the ‘New Plays for Young Audiences’ program in NYC. For this work, Finnegan was the 2014 recipient of the AWGIE award for Best Children’s play, Currency Press. From 2011 – 2014 she was the England Representative for Theatre for Young Audiences on the TYA UK board (UK Centre for ASSITEJ) and represented England at the 2013 German ASSITEJ Directors Seminar. Katie studied as an actor at Arts Academy, Ballarat before completing her Masters in Text and performance Studies with Distinction at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) in association with Kings College London. During her Masters she studied Producing under Sue Dunderdale and writing for theatre and dramaturgy under Paul Sirett. Katie recently worked with Blackhole Theatre on The Last Lighthouse Keeper (writer). The piece has been through an extensive creative development period through Darebin Arts Speakeasy and a tour to non-traditional theatre spaces with Yarra City Principality around the Libraries.

She has a love of creating story with original music and is always looking for ways to enable this collaboration.

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