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Choose Devonport for your nuptials if you love fine food and beautiful scenery. Whether it’s coastal, greenbelt or mountains you’re after, this city can offer you it all. 

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Planning on Saying ``I Do`` in Devonport?

Devonport, the main port on Tasmania’s north-west coast, known as “The Gateway to Tasmania”, has a lot to offer within the city and beyond, whether you’re after sunkissed beaches, luscious nature reserves, stunning waterfalls, vintage wineries, farmland or cityscapes. I can lead the way as you embrace the one you love in paradise.

Enjoy a Foodie Utopia

Devonport and its surroundings are known for their sublime food. It's not known as Australia's Market Garden, featured on The Tasting Trail and host to the Devonport Food and Wine Festival for nothing!

Perfect Ceremony Locations

Get married in vineyards, retreats, cottages in the forest or luxury guest houses. With expertise, advice can be given on any location.

Personalised Ceremonies

Collaborating with you to personalise your ceremony in the beautiful city of Devonport.

Relaxed Ambiance

Creating an authentic and natural atmosphere for you, your friends and your family, whether it's three guests or 200.


Marry on a Mountain

A small hop, skip and a jump from Devonport are some powerful and awe-inspiring locations for you to say your wedding vows, immersed in nature’s breathtaking beauty.

  • Cradle Mountain at Lake St. Clair National Park contains wilderness aplenty with valleys, verdant forests, grasslands and luscious lakes.
  • Table Cape Lookout is a plateau on what remains of a 12 million-year-old volcano. Get married here for its breathtaking tulip farm and unrivalled views of Tasmania’s coastline.
  • Mt. Roland and Conservation Area is a rural district with several stunning bushwalks to the summit.
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Take Your Vows in Nature

Few marriage celebrants are as passionate about nature. Let me guide you both to experience once-in-a-lifetime moments with your partner in Devonport and its surrounding beauty spots.

  • With my expertise, you are in safe hands while you shout “I love you” from the mountains, gorges or forests.
  • Swap the humdrum reality of daily life to share your love story and revel in nature.
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Katie Reeve: Your Personal Celebrant

Are you after a marriage celebrant who will take an active role in your wedding? With an enthusiastic approach and strong affinity with nature, you will be supported across a beautiful terrain of your choosing. Let’s work together to make Devonport, Tas, your dream venue. 

  • As a skilled storyteller with high standards, your emotional journey can be shared and given the attention it deserves.
  • Lean on your experienced bushwalking guide with an affinity for nature.
  • A lifetime of professional performing experience has honed my skills as a natural orator. Your ceremony will be led with warmth, heart and humour.
  • It would be a privilege to be by your side through this important life milestone.
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Obligation-free Meeting

Book your obligation-free meeting today and we can discuss your requirements in Devonport together. I’m sure we’ll be a perfect match!

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Frequently Asked Question

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1 Is Devonport a seasonal wedding destination?

The yearly average temperature in Devonport ranges from 12 in July to 20°C in January. November to March has the best weather for weddings, between 20-26°C. If you’d like to avoid rain, it’s best to avoid July and August, but February and March have the least chance of rain. If you want the warmest months for a Devonport wedding, pick January or February, with a max of around 25°C. The coldest month is July, at around 7.9°C. If you avoid July and August, the rest of the year will likely be good for weddings, with January to March being the warmest, but bear in mind that May to October can have a little rain.

2 Why is Devonport a great wedding destination?

Whether you want to get wed by waterfalls, go barefoot on Coles or Bluff Beach, embrace nature in the reserves or take a dip in Kimberly Warm Springs, Devonport has something for you. For the more energetic person, it’s an ideal spot for water sports like rowing and sailing. For lovers of culture and history, there are plenty of galleries, museums, and Aboriginal rock carvings. 

Foody couples can sample Tasmania’s finest produce, feast on local and international dishes, taste vintage wines at the vineyard, watch award-winning cheese and cider production and pick up some hand-made truffles from the chocolate factory. It’s also the perfect base to discover north-west Tasmania because of its proximity to bucket list essentials like Cradle Mountain, Mt Roland or Table Cape Lookout.

3 What does a marriage celebrant do?

Marriage celebrants conduct weddings, naming ceremonies, vow renewal, commitment ceremonies and more. Their role is to create a bespoke service for your celebration. Your full-time marriage celebrant can legally officiate your wedding ceremony, issuing a ceremonial marriage certificate, followed by the official certificate, once the legal paperwork has been filed.

4 Where can I get some?

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