East Coast Tasmania: Picturesque and Perfect

East coast Tasmania is an idyllic location, ideal for saying “I do” to the one you love. 

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Planning Your Wedding in East Coast Tasmania?

Create an indelible memory that will last a lifetime with the bountiful shoreline of East Coast Tasmania. Everything you need to marry the one you love is right here; whether you choose an indoor space or tread your first married steps in the great outdoors, your committed bushwalking celebrant will be your conduit to nature.

Sweet as a Grape

Travel along The Great Eastern Wine Drive to sample the finest vintage wines, beers, ciders and spirits.

Perfect Ceremony Locations

Get married in rustic, old mills, lush vineyards and elite resorts. Rely on my extensive experience, stellar advice and savvy on-site guidance.

Personalised Ceremonies

Collaborating with you for personalised weddings in the beautiful East Coast Tasmania region.

Relaxed Ambiance

Creating an authentic and natural atmosphere for you, your friends and your family, whether it's three guests or 200.


Take the Plunge at the Beach

Plant your feet in warm, white sand and speak from your heart at the coast.

  • Step off the beaten path to discover secluded beaches and private nooks to create your special moment on The Great Eastern Drive
  • Take a lovers’ stroll onto Wineglass Bay, Mayfield Beach or Cressy Beach.
  • Tickle your partner’s taste buds and sample award-winning Tasmanian wines from wineries along the east coast.
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Get Wed in Our Natural Environment

Few marriage celebrants are as passionate about nature. Immerse yourself in the inspiring natural power of East Coast Tasmania.

  • Escape the hectic pace of everyday life and take time to celebrate your love in a rich and varied landscape.
  • Find peace, love and harmony when you and your partner reconnect with nature.
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Katie Reeve: Your Personal Celebrant

You will be led across a stunning landscape of choice here in East Coast Tasmania by your experienced nature enthusiast and professional celebrant. Tell me what you need and I’ll find a peaceful place in our environment that will furnish you with love in abundance.

  • As a skilled storyteller, your emotional journey can be shared and given the attention it deserves.
  • Lean on your experienced bushwalking guide with an affinity for nature.
  • A lifetime of performing experience has honed my skills in public speaking. Your ceremony will be led with warmth, heart and humour.
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Obligation-free Meeting

Book your obligation-free meeting today and we can discuss your requirements in East Coast Tasmania together. I’m sure we’ll be a perfect match!

  • Start your special journey today and contact me
  • If you and East Coast Tasmania are the perfect match, book a meetup online now!
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Frequently Asked Question

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1 Is East Coast Tasmania a seasonal wedding destination?

East Coast Tasmania has four seasons and a temperate oceanic climate with mild temperatures. This means it has moderate rainfall, mild winters, and mild to warm summers. On average, it rains 4 to 6 times monthly – something to keep in mind if you don’t want rain on your wedding day! On the plus side, the east coast is usually milder than other parts of Tasmania due to the effects of the ocean, so it could be a great wedding destination all year round.

2 Why is East Coast Tasmania a great wedding destination?

East Coast Tasmania is a fantastic wedding destination due to its diverse and breathtaking landscape. It offers awe-inspiring mountain top views, lush green forests, stunning, peaceful rivers, rocky granite shorelines, pristine white sandy beaches and a clear blue sea. At these destinations, you are spoilt for choice with venues, such as verdant vineyards, historic mills and world-class resorts.

3 Is a wedding officiated by a marriage celebrant legally binding?

Yes! A celebrant can conduct the ceremony for you and your special person and you will be legally married. The celebrant will take care of all the legal paperwork required in Australia on time to ensure your nuptials are officially recognised. No religion required!

4 Where can I get some?

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