Death is the last of lifes’ Rites of Passage.  The conclusion of a story and yet… the beginning of another. I will gently guide you to create a beautiful service dedicated to your loved one.


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Grief is never easy to navigate. My vision as a Funeral Celebrant is to accompany you on the experiences that life present to you, including through the journey of heartache and loss.  Often the burden of enormous grief encompasses our whole self.  It feels insurmountable.  The process of creating and remembering our loved one is a healing exercise albeit a difficult one.   I can offer you an understanding presence and be a gentle guide through the process of creating a ceremony that looks at the life lived, the tears, the joy, the love.

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When creating a ceremony to honor a loved one, there are no legal requirements to consider.  This is for you to celebrate life.


Whilst there are many traditions surrounding funerals, how you say goodbye is entirely up to you. I will guide you in creating the service.


My role includes fulfilling communication with various parties as requested.  This includes research, advice, eulogy writing and guidance.


Depending on the venue, this is often already provided by the Funeral Chapel.  However if required, I can assist with a PA system.

Professional Celebrant

I always present professionally.  However if something a little different is suggested clothing/readings/music – I encourage and accommodate it.

As Well As

This time can be tough.  I’m willing and able to create something for you that reflects your loved one, even if it feels ‘different’ outside of the ‘norm’.

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