Head to Hobart for Your Dream Wedding

With its laid-back feel and old seaside town vibes, Hobart has much to offer as the romantic setting for your declarations of love. 

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Planning your wedding in Hobart?

Tasmania’s vibrant capital, Hobart, holds much appeal for wedding ceremonies, with its stunning natural beauty, Georgian, Victorian and contemporary architecture, cultural hot spots, mouth-watering fresh cuisine and rich history.

Quench your thirst at the Cascade Brewery

The oldest still-operating brewery in Australia, the renowned Cascade Brewery, is at the base of Mt Wellington. Beer enthusiasts can enjoy its tours, beer garden, a crackling fireplace and nourishing cuisine.

Perfect Ceremony Locations

There aren't many places where you could stroll barefoot down sandy beaches, explore urban areas, hike mountains, discover its fascinating history and pause to take in the thought-provoking artwork. In Hobart, you can.

Personalised Ceremonies

A passionate spokesperson for your love story and the curator of your moments of perfect happiness. Collaborating with you to make your marriage celebration unique in the beautiful city of Hobart.

Relaxed Ambiance

Creating an authentic and natural atmosphere for you, your friends and your family, whether it's a large traditional wedding or a special ceremony for an intimate few.


Get Married on the Mountain

Mount Wellington or Kunyani is a 1271-metre high mountain that crowns the skyline with its distinctive dolomite columns and overlooks Hobart. Say your vows with Mother Nature as your witness and me as your guide on this ancient mountain.

  • Let your love wash over each other by the stunning Strickland, Silver or O’Grady waterfalls.
  • Feel a deep emotional connection to nature and each other as you take in the panoramic views of Hobart and beyond from your chosen spot on the mountain.
  • Take a wilderness walk to the Sphinx Rock Lookout, where the sun glints through the towering trees.
  • With curious possums, wallabies and pademelons as your esteemed guests!
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Get Wed in Our Natural Environment

Few marriage celebrants are as passionate about nature. Experience the rich history and awe-inspiring scenery of Hobart.

  • Beaches, mountains, waterfalls, forests, gardens or vineyards; choose your favourite spot to say I do.
  • Escape life’s fast pace, take in the beauty around you and reflect on the love between you in the bosom of nature.
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Katie Reeve: Your Personal Celebrant

Your Hobart wedding celebrant and nature enthusiast will guide you across a stunning landscape of your choice here in Hobart. Let me know what you need, and I’ll find you a beautiful setting worthy of your promise to each other.

  • As a skilled storyteller, your emotional journey can be shared and given the attention it deserves.
  • Seasoned marriage celebrant for destination weddings in the heart of nature with extensive experience of wilderness walking.
  • A lifetime of professional performing experience has honed my skills as a natural orator. Your ceremony will be led with warmth, heart and humour.
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Obligation-free Meeting

Book your obligation-free meeting today and we can discuss your requirements for Hobart together. I’m sure we’ll be a perfect match!

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Frequently Asked Question

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1 Is Hobart a seasonal wedding destination?

Hobart is blessed with a mild, temperate oceanic climate and four seasons. It has warm summers, windy winters and is usually slightly cloudy all year round. The average annual temperature ranges from 5 to 21 °C. It’sIt’s around 11.5–21°C in the summer (December to February), 8.9–17.3°C in the autumn (March to May), 5–12.3°C in the winter (June to August), and 7.8–16.9°C in the spring (Sept-November). On the coldest nights in winter, temperatures can drop to 3 °C overnight. These mild temperatures mean Hobart is a great destination all year round, but bear in mind that the rainiest period is from July to November.

2 Why is Hobart an excellent wedding destination?

Its location along the Derwent River offers access to gorgeous coves and beaches ideal for a wedding day in nature, framed by the majestic Mt. Wellington, making a beautiful backdrop for your big day. You could choose luxury hotels, function rooms, inns, vineyards, restaurants, marinas and private estates for your wedding venue, but let nature guide you to some breath-taking scenery in the wild.

Hobart is a laid-back city with a little bit of something for everyone, whether that’s adventurous mountain hikes, scaling Mt. Wellington, taste-bud tingling vineyards, strolling in the rugged countryside or enjoying godly panoramic views from several idyllic locations.

You could spend your wedding day amongst flora and fauna at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, a centuries-old beauty spot on the banks of the River Derwent. For a coastal commitment, head to Bruny Island for stunning beaches, enchanting rainforest, delicious food and curious wildlife. Whether you’re after a large family wedding or a small, intimate gathering, you will undoubtedly discover the perfect match for your special day.

3 How could a celebrant make my wedding ceremony in Hobart unique?

Creating your perfect day at Hobart is possible due to the large variety of locations to choose from; there is something to suit every couple. Marriage celebrants collaborate with the couple ensuring their wedding day is a bespoke and special ceremony that meets their needs. A wedding celebrant will oversee the entire experience, making your marriage ceremony stress-free, from location choosing, writing vows, selecting vendors and ceremony planning to the smooth running of the day. Your celebrant can work with you to bring your individual love story into your wedding celebration so that it will be far from generic.

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