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Master of Ceremonies

MC. M to the C. It’s no secret that I’m cool with standing up in front of peeps and delivering. It kinda makes sense too – For example, at weddings, I’m marrying you, we all learn a lot about each other, I’ve got the inside goss, you’ll know if you like my humour etc. It makes for an easy transition to move from Celebrant to MC… That’s not to mean you can’t use me at other events. I can bring it to whomever, wherever! (small disclaimer… maybe insert “within reason” in that last sentence!)

The photo over there? Just me, getting the party gladrags ready, makeup touch up, running sheet check out between Ceremony and Parrrrrtaaay.

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Yes, I’ve just quoted Shrek. No, I’m not saying I’m like an Ogre… Yes, I guess I’m kinda saying that I’m like an onion (work with me here!).

It turns out that after years at Drama School, I’m pretty good at improvisation. Couple that with my love of stories, story structure, words and people, it led me to MCing many different events over the years. I get pretty excited about a good yarn, especially one that is commenting, then introducing, all whilst holding a microphone (do you know how many cool ways you can talk into a mic? It’s like the ultimate child-at-heart game that is totally acceptable when entertaining).

Don’t worry – I’m very professional. I also know how to hold a crowd and when to hand the mic over. Let’s be honest, they ain’t here to see me!

Shrek: NO! You dense, irritating, miniature beast of burden! Ogres are like onions!

Donkey: Oh, you leave em out in the sun, they get all brown, start sproutin’ little white hairs.

Shrek: No. Layers. Onions have layers.

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If you’re after a Master of Ceremonies who can level up your wedding atmosphere and whose rapport-building skills are second to none, get in touch.



Clearly, this is all over. Why is this box even here? To keep it consistent and pretty… sigh.

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Time table. Order of events. Who is where, when, and a diligent timekeeper. BOOM.

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So – I’m a one stop shop. No pressure to work with someone new when it’s party time.

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My P.A can keep on giving, weighing only 7kg, I can shuffle that sound anywhere. With one hand. Muscles. Who needs a roadie? (a roadie is nice to have sometimes)

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Professional Celebrant

With a mic in my hand, I’m in my element. I’ve trained professionally as a Storyteller, I’m a writer, have 3 years of Drama School in Australia and 1 in the UK under my belt.

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As Well As

I can organise and project manage like nobody’s business. Top that with mediation and diplomacy skills, you won’t even know if there was a sticky situation.

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The MC serves as the wedding’s official host and is responsible for the ceremony’s smooth running. They will introduce speakers, make announcements, and interact with the audience, keeping them engaged and representing the wedding itself. The Master of Ceremonies role is significant since they will ensure that the speeches start on time and introductions are made. They can also share humorous tales about the couple between speeches to warm the crowd. 

At every wedding, someone must be assigned to give announcements, keep time and engage with the guests, regardless of whether you hire an MC for that job. Without someone in that position, it won’t be easy to know what to do at any point in time.  An MC will know what is happening, who is involved and when it’s their allotted time. 

An MC will work with you to prepare your wedding, coordinate with vendors and speakers, get the timing spot on, interact with guests, and problem-solve to keep everything running smoothly.  They will ensure speeches don’t run over time and end up in waffle territory! They set the mood, and what’s more important than that?

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Having a Master of Ceremonies on board can make all the difference on your wedding day. You can relax, knowing an experienced professional has everything under control. No clock watching, organising speeches or awkwardly announcing events. It’s often overlooked, but it’s a critical role that can make all the difference to the smooth running and overall atmosphere at your wedding.  You will have someone confident and equipped to deal with last-minute setbacks while energising guests and creating a positive atmosphere. 

Unburden yourself and let me take over this monumental responsibility for you. I’m fully invested in making your wedding the unforgettable day you dreamed it would be. You can trust me to ensure your wedding is hosted just the way you want it.  If you want a professional MC with the experience, skills, personality and background to make your big day memorable for the right reasons, get in touch.

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The advantage of having
The advantage of having


This is my forte! With my professional storytelling and acting background, this is where I can really add sparkle to your wedding. I’m a confident public speaker and my ability to respond to events as they unfold is unparalleled. I can improvise like only someone with drama school training could! It’s my mission to ensure your guests feel super comfortable and have the easy flow of natural laughter and camaraderie.  

I can keep everything running bang on time, ensure everyone is updated, and the speakers feel valued and supported. I regularly engage with the audience and keep those relaxed, happy vibes flowing, bridging segments and giving proper acknowledgements. I ensure your wedding has the unique thread of your personality and partnership running throughout, and I know all the best secrets to ensure big feels and laughter throughout the day.

I know the enthusiasm of my hosting sets the tone for your big day, and no one is more enthusiastic than me! I am a die-hard romantic and lover of people, and nothing makes me happier than sharing their stories and creating a warm and joyful atmosphere when I host. It’s not just my job… it’s my calling.

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Frequently Asked Question

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable

1 What is the difference between a celebrant and a master of ceremonies?

A celebrant will conduct the official marriage element, ensuring all the legals are taken care of, whereas a Master of Ceremonies is a host for the entire event. So after the ‘I dos’, the MC will stick around to host the reception, effectively hosting the entire wedding.

2 What qualities make a good Master of Ceremonies?

  • Well-organised and excellent at time management. 
  • A confident public speaker and at ease addressing the room. Performance experience is a must. 
  • Rapport-building. Knowing the couple’s family well means the right people are acknowledged and the anecdotes are authentic, but it also means that people are comfortable approaching the MC if they need to. 
  • A great sense of humour is essential for an MC so that the audience feels relaxed and the tone set is not too formal.  
  • Problem-solving on the fly (and without panic) is a needed quality, alongside having the knack for audience engagement.
  • Being able to inject personality into the proceedings while still keeping the happy couple in the spotlight.
  • Being an ace communicator. Serving as a point of contact for vendors and guests.

3 Do I really need a Master of Ceremonies at my wedding?

Yes! Would a film be great if it had no director? Nope. It’s the same thing with a wedding. The whole wedding relies on someone announcing what’s happening and when, and things can get very confusing and stressful without someone at the helm, steering your big day towards success. An MC will give you peace of mind on your big day and set the mood for the entire event.

4 Can my family member be a Master of Ceremonies?

You could lean on a family member to take the role, of course, but unless they are trained in speaking publicly and experienced in hosting weddings, it’s a considerable risk that you could probably do without.

5 Are venue-based Masters of Ceremonies any good?

Some venues provide MCs, but they usually have other duties alongside your wedding, so they can’t fully give it the attention it deserves. The host’s style will be that of the venue and not of the couple, making the segments feel cookie-cutter style.

What others say about Katie

Logan & Kasey CookeLogan & Kasey Cooke
09:16 03 Oct 22
We couldn't have asked for anyone better to be our celebrant on our special day!Katie is a charismatic and bubbly individual and we would highly recommend her for your special event.Katie really goes above and beyond making sure to take the time, answer all your questions and tailor the experience to your needs.A true gem 💎
Coryn Walsh-JonesCoryn Walsh-Jones
02:51 14 Jun 22
Katie is everything you need in a celebrant.She will guide you through the process and preparation of your wedding ceremony, whilst taking the time to learn about you and your partner as individuals.The vows were prepared for us by Katie as we requested and she thoroughly captured our personalities. They could not have been more perfect.Katie has a calm guiding hand and will adapt to whatever style of ceremony you wish.
Natalie mNatalie m
11:49 07 May 22
There are no words strong enough to express how great Katie is.She made us both feel completely at ease for the lead up and on the wedding day. She's just such a calming and lovely presence.No task or question was too hard and everything we threw at her, she accepted so willingly. She gave us some really epic ideas for the ceremony to include special people we wanted. There were so many laughs and tears. Not once did she make it about herself or anyone else but us.So many people complimented our choice in celebrant and asked where we found her which we so willingly passed on her details of course!
23:39 29 Jan 22
Katie provided us with exactly the kind of wedding service we were after.It was a small, intimate ceremony and Katie's kind and personalised words were perfect.Her audio equipment was perfect for everyone to hear everything, including the valued guests around the world who weren't able to attend in person but could watch through a live stream.She was also very effective at reassuring a nervous groom that everything would go smoothly - and it did!
Craig WellardCraig Wellard
09:09 20 Jan 22
Katie is friendly, kind and a really lovely person.From the very beginning she looked after everything. With Katie being so organised we didn't need to worry about anything just wait for the next instruction, it made for a relaxing and fun wedding day.We would recommend Katie to anyone wanting a truly memorable day

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