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Already Married? Want to commit without the ‘legal bit’? Want to say ‘I do’ all over again?

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Already Married? Want to commit without the ‘legal bit’? Want to say ‘I do’ all over again? Whatever the reason, be it a commitment ceremony or vow renewal ceremony, they are the same as a marriage ceremony in essence – full of lovin’ and all the feels.

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Vow renewals are not legally binding so legalities are unnecessary. With ceremonies that don’t have the ‘legals,’ we go through the same process, we collect and collate, we refine – and just leave the paperwork out of it. Then we have a rocking party. Winner!

Oh, you know you can do it anywhere, right? Did somebody say, ‘Let’s wander…’?

Let’s meet ‘n’ greet—an initial, obligation-free meeting to see if we are a perfect match. I’ll show you what I can do and hear what you want to do.

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It's a vow renewal, so no legal documents required, baby!


Professional quality BOSE PA system with smartphone connectivity. Wireless Microphones.


A bespoke hand crafted ceremony.

Professional Celebrant

A punctual, well presented Celebrant who adheres to the Code of Practice for Celebrants.


Resources, emails, calls, meetings!

As Well As

Public Liability Insurance for the Ceremony. Rehearsal/site recce in the lead up to the celebration. Network of other like-minded vendors.



Vow renewal presents an opportunity to celebrate your enduring love for one another with family members and friends who are invested in your life as a couple. It’s a recommitment ceremony for a married couple so they can reflect on the past and focus on their new life together.

You might want to renew your vows for the following reasons:

  1. To celebrate a special anniversary like a milestone wedding anniversary.
  2. So you can involve your children if they weren’t at the wedding.
  3. If the previous party was a big bash, maybe you want to go for a more intimate affair to celebrate your loving marriage with only a handful of guests.
  4. It was a low-key, small wedding and renewing the wedding vows would present an opportunity to really go big!
  5. It could be in the aftermath of a serious illness or something that has made you think about what really matters.
  6. The vow renewal ceremony will be a sequel to a wedding that happened abroad, intending to include family members who couldn’t attend initially.
  7. The relationship has emerged from a rocky period and renewing the wedding vows would mark a new start.
  8. An empty nest has given a fresh focus on each other.
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There are infinite ways to create your vow renewal celebration with your true love, from indulging in your unfulfilled big venue wedding fantasies to embracing your inner barefoot bohemian for an intimate ceremony in an idyllic setting.

Your renewal of vows should reflect who you are individually and as a couple. Sometimes it can be challenging to find that common ground, especially if you are an ‘opposites attract’ type of couple, but you didn’t get this far without compromising!

Discuss how the vow exchange will take place and if you want to exchange rings as part of the ceremony. You might want a big wedding dress and party or simply a champagne toast with close friends and family members in a location close to your heart, retaking your marriage vows could be the confirmation of your enduring love for the marriage needs.

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Vow renewal ideas
Renewal of vows


Married couples, think back to your wedding day with all your friends and family members; what do you wish you’d said at the time? Has the wisdom of your experience together made you think of something you’d like to add?

Vow renewal ceremonies could include your original vows, updated vows or new spangled vows! If you want to show how your love has grown and evolved, updating or overhauling would be the best option. With my guidance, you can work through your love story, including all the obstacles you’ve overcome together, to craft heartfelt vows, covering your past, present, and future.

Couples are often unafraid of adding some light-hearted humour to their new vows, after having lived with their partner for some time. However you choose to do it, I can ensure your vow renewal celebration is absolute perfection with passionate and powerful vows.

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Frequently Asked Question

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1 On what anniversary do you renew your vows?

You can renew vows at any time, but it often coincides with milestone anniversaries, such as 10, 15, 20 or 25 years.

2 Are vow renewals legally binding?

Not at all. Your original wedding certificate will still stand. A vow renewal aims to reaffirm your love and commitment to one another in front of your family and friends.

3 What can I say at my vow renewal ceremony?

Renewing your wedding vows takes a bit of thought, and the process might start with asking yourself some questions: What have you been through together? How have you been each other’s rock? What attributes do you love most about your partner? For what are you most grateful? Do you have a promise that you want to make for your future together?

What others say about Katie

Logan & Kasey CookeLogan & Kasey Cooke
09:16 03 Oct 22
We couldn't have asked for anyone better to be our celebrant on our special day!Katie is a charismatic and bubbly individual and we would highly recommend her for your special event.Katie really goes above and beyond making sure to take the time, answer all your questions and tailor the experience to your needs.A true gem 💎
Coryn Walsh-JonesCoryn Walsh-Jones
02:51 14 Jun 22
Katie is everything you need in a celebrant.She will guide you through the process and preparation of your wedding ceremony, whilst taking the time to learn about you and your partner as individuals.The vows were prepared for us by Katie as we requested and she thoroughly captured our personalities. They could not have been more perfect.Katie has a calm guiding hand and will adapt to whatever style of ceremony you wish.
Natalie mNatalie m
11:49 07 May 22
There are no words strong enough to express how great Katie is.She made us both feel completely at ease for the lead up and on the wedding day. She's just such a calming and lovely presence.No task or question was too hard and everything we threw at her, she accepted so willingly. She gave us some really epic ideas for the ceremony to include special people we wanted. There were so many laughs and tears. Not once did she make it about herself or anyone else but us.So many people complimented our choice in celebrant and asked where we found her which we so willingly passed on her details of course!
23:39 29 Jan 22
Katie provided us with exactly the kind of wedding service we were after.It was a small, intimate ceremony and Katie's kind and personalised words were perfect.Her audio equipment was perfect for everyone to hear everything, including the valued guests around the world who weren't able to attend in person but could watch through a live stream.She was also very effective at reassuring a nervous groom that everything would go smoothly - and it did!
Craig WellardCraig Wellard
09:09 20 Jan 22
Katie is friendly, kind and a really lovely person.From the very beginning she looked after everything. With Katie being so organised we didn't need to worry about anything just wait for the next instruction, it made for a relaxing and fun wedding day.We would recommend Katie to anyone wanting a truly memorable day

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