Richmond Marriage Celebrant

Richmond is a great wedding destination for couples looking to make their wedding a little different, with its stunning surroundings, rich history and romantic ambience. 

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Planning your wedding in Richmond?

There is a lot of beauty in Richmond, from its Georgian sandstone heritage buildings, art galleries, rustic farm conversions, boutique luxury hotels, well-preserved colonial history with museums and landmarks, delectable local fare, award-winning vineyards and spectacular views of the iconic Richmond Bridge.

Coal River Valley Vineyards

Richmond is dotted with vineyards, and their lands offer stunning views overlooking the water. Taste exemplary cool-climate Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Reisling wines, among others.

Perfect Ceremony Locations

You could opt for a farm conversion, luxury hotel or manor. The vineyards are a big draw to Richmond, which can accommodate both high-capacity weddings and more intimate ones. Moreover, they boast spectacular scenery, specialised wedding function rooms and large estate gardens.

Personalised Ceremonies

Collaborating with you to personalise your wedding in the historic town of Richmond.

Relaxed Ambiance

Making you feel at ease, creating an authentic and natural atmosphere, whether it's for 3 guests or 200.


Take Your Vows at the Vineyard

You could get wed in a sizeable vineyard with a restaurant, function rooms, gardens and accommodation, or a keep it small and sweet, and bring your own food. However you choose to get married, you can step out into nature and say your vows in one of Tasmania’s top vineyards.

  • Lover of wine and each other? Take home award-winning collections of cool-climate wine. 
  • The Coal River Region specialises in Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.
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Get Wed in Our Natural Environment

You’d be hard-pressed to find a wedding celebrant this passionate about nature. Connect to the history of Richmond and embrace its natural beauty with me as your guide.

  • Stand barefoot in nature’s embrace as you reflect on your love and promise yourself to each other as the sun sets over the vineyard.
  • Step out from the humdrum of everyday life to embrace nature and each other. Rejoice in your love with the people who matter in a place that feels perfect.
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Katie Reeve: Your Personal Celebrant

Need a celebrant who will give you the full star treatment to make your wedding ceremony perfect? Look no further; you’ve found your Richmond Wedding Celebrant! With a strong sense of peace outdoors amongst nature, you will be supported across every beautiful terrain. Let’s work together to make Richmond your dream venue. 

  • As a skilled storyteller, your emotional journey can be shared and given the attention it deserves.
  • Lean on your registered marriage celebrant and nature enthusiast for guidance.
  • A lifetime of performing experience has honed my skills as a natural orator. Your ceremony will be led with warmth, heart and humour.
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Obligation-free Meeting

Request your obligation-free meeting today, and we can discuss your requirements in Richmond together. I’m sure we’ll be a perfect match!

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Frequently Asked Question

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1 Is Richmond a seasonal wedding destination?

Yes, it might be better to pick dryer seasons. December to March are the summer months, with January being the sunniest ( 23°C) and March being the driest. June tends to have the highest humidity, July is usually the coldest and August is generally the wettest month. Richmond has a fair bit of rain throughout the year, even in its driest month, so it’s best to prepare for a little rainfall. Summer and Autumn are great seasons to get married in Richmond.

2 Why is Richmond a great wedding destination?

There are plenty of great ideas for perfect places to take your wedding vows in Richmond. Whether you’re a foodie, wine connoisseur, history buff or nature lover, Richmond has something exceptional to offer you. For its history, check out the historic Richmond Bridge, Georgian sandstone churches, Richmond Gaol, Tasmania’s History House or Old Hobart Town Model Village, a little replica of colonial Hobart. Richmond has more than 50 heritage buildings dating back to the 1820s, and several have the honour of being Australia’s oldest. 

Richmond’s cuisine is exceptional, whether dining at restaurants, cafes, farms, vineyards, produce shops or even the local bakery. Arty types can wander around several art galleries displaying local artists’ work. The scenery is also stunning; plenty of vineyards boast stunning vistas over the valley and river, and there are several nearby forest reserves. Richmond is an idyllic setting for your wedding day, letting you and your partner take a fresh approach to create the perfect ceremony for your special day. Work with your civil marriage celebrant to design something unique for you as a couple.

3 Are same-sex marriages legal in Tasmania?

Yes! Same-sex marriage became legal in 2017 for All of Australia, including Tasmania, so same-sex couples are entitled to equal treatment under the law.

4 Where can I get some?

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