Naming Ceremonies

Every spring we are greeted with the pop of colour as it bursts into the sunshine.  Life too has a way of bringing us something new and wonderful – babies!   The beginning of life, our first Rite of Passage.

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Celebrating the arrival of a new member of the family with loved ones is a beautiful way of recognising and acknowledging this new arrival. Not just for babies though, a Naming Day can be for all walks of life, for any manner of reason.  Perhaps you have just adopted a child, joined two families together, would like to celebrate a great achievement or hurdle your loved one has over come or would like to acknowledge someone special in your child’s life in a secular ceremony.  Whatever the rhyme, whatever the reason, creating a bespoke ritual and celebration is a joy. Let’s Meet ‘n’ Greet. An initial, obligation-free meeting to see if we are a perfect match.  I’ll show you what I can do and hear from you about what you want to do.

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No Legals required baby!


A bespoke hand crafted ceremony.


Resources, emails, calls, meetings!


Professional quality BOSE PA system with smartphone connectivity.  Wireless Microphones.

Professional Celebrant

A punctual, well presented Celebrant who adheres to the Code of Practice for Celebrants.

As Well As

Public Liability Insurance for the Ceremony.  Rehearsal/site recce in the lead up to the celebration.