Master of Ceremonies

Master of Ceremonies. MC.  M to the C. It’s no secret that I’m cool with standing up in front of peeps and delivering.  It kinda makes sense too – For example, in the instance of weddings,  I’m marrying you, we all learn a lot about each other, I’ve got the inside goss, you’ll know if you like my humour etc etc,  makes for an easy transition to move from Celebrant to MC…  That’s not to mean you can’t use me at other events.  I can bring it to whomever, wherever!  (small disclaimer… maybe insert “within reason” in that last sentence!)

The photo over there?  Just me, getting the party gladrags ready, makeup touch up, running sheet check out between Ceremony and Parrrrrtaaay.

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Shrek : NO! You dense, irritating, miniature beast of burden! Ogres are like onions!

Donkey: Oh, you leave em out in the sun, they get all brown, start sproutin’ little white hairs.

Shrek: No. Layers. Onions have layers.

Yes I’ve just quoted Sherk.  No, I’m not saying I’m like an Ogre… Yes, I guess I’m kinda saying that I’m like an onion… (work with me here!)

Turns out after years at Drama School, I’m pretty good at improvisation.  Couple that with my love of stories, story structure, words and people, it led me to MCing many a different event over the years.  I get pretty excited about a good yarn, especially one that is commenting, then introducing all whilst holding a microphone… (do you know how many cool ways you can talk into a mic?  It’s like the ultimate child at heart game that is totally acceptable when entertaining).

Don’t worry – I’m very professional.  I also know how to hold a crowd and when to hand the mic over.  Let’s be honest, they ain’t here to see me!

Snapshot Overview


Clearly this is all over.  Why is this box even here?  To keep it consistent and pretty… sigh.

Running Sheet

Time table.  Order of events.  Who is where, when, and a diligent timekeeper.  BOOM.


So -  I’m a one stop shop.  No pressure to work with someone new when it’s party time.


My P.A can keep on giving, weighing only 7kg, I can shuffle that sound anywhere.  With one hand.  Muscles.  Who needs a roadie?  (a roadie is nice to have sometimes)

Professional MC

With a mic in my hand, I’m in my element.  I’ve trained professionally as a Storyteller, I’m a writer, have 3 years of Drama School in Australia and 1 in the UK under my belt.

As Well As

I can organise and project manage like nobody’s business.  Top that with mediation and diplomacy skills, you won’t even know if there was a sticky situation.