Wedding Ceremonies

Hello Lifers,  welcome to the home of all things WEDDINGS!   From Bush, to low key, to bells and whistles – I’ve gotten it all taken care of.  Join me as you venture into to the matrimony club!  Let’s Wander…

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Wedding Options

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Bush Weddings

Doesn’t mean you can’t wear heels.  Just so you know…

 Legal Only Marriage Ceremonies

OR as I prefer to call it… (pick your own adventure title) Elopement (or) Intimate (or) Just US.
And the Folks via the screen,  if that tickles your fancy.  Or just you.  Either way!

All The Bells and Whistles Weddings

Sometimes that also means the Dog.  Just staying.

What I Offer

The perfect Wedding… does it exist? Absolutely! I’ve created some packages based off my skills. And yes, you are correct, I’ve also included my heart – because for all that I am, a writer, storyteller and celebrant, when it all boils down to crunch time, my point of difference is… me… (just is yours is you). What I can share initially (by simply being me) is me, my love of nature, of story and of genuine connection. If we ‘spark’ I’m the one for you!


Bush walking, such a beautiful way to do it!  Come hike with me (in semi sensible shoes) to a stunning location.  Amongst the gum trees or sandy shores, we will say what we need to say whilst being witnessed by the Kookaburras!  Be it a short walk in or a day hike, Let’s wander…

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This is the BIG ONE.  You know what I mean…!  I’m a lover of stories and a lover of people – I write a pretty awesome wedding ceremony bespoke to YOU.  Happy to do this and include rituals, readings, music etc in this package.  All parta the deal!

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This package will marry you good and proper!  It’s all about doing the paperwork, saying what needs to be said and placing it all on paper with signatures.  You say words, I say words, we all sign… It’s straightforward and pretty much does what it says on the box!

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