Bush Weddings

Let’s wander… the Bush Walking Celebrant.  Shoes optional.

There are places on this earth that call your heart and instil a sense of love, connection and peace within you.  These places are often untouched wild destinations not accessible by car.  The significance of the wedding vows deserve reverence and grace always, couple that with a beautiful, inspiring setting, on top of a mountain, low in the depth of a valley, mid way across a creek, the water trickling between your toes…  Nature will hold the space, while you hold the vows.

I’ve got the map, you’ll have each other.  Together we will walk, arrive, settle and marry, be the sun high or low in the sky.

Sounds poetic, yes?  …Shall we wander?

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Switch off from the quick pace of suburban life and walk to a place of natural beauty.  I’ll hike in with you and marry you, wherever that place may be. This is a great option for those who would like to focus on personal connection and ‘less stuff’.  Let’s find all we need to celebrate love in our natural environment.

We will pay our respects and thanks to the Indigenous owners of the land and the elders past, present and emerging for their care of the land and its people.

Let’s Meet ‘n’ Greet. An initial, obligation-free meeting to see if we are a perfect match.  I’ll show you what I can do and hear from you about what you want to do.

Snapshot Overview


Complete, sign and lodge all the paperwork required before and after the Ceremony to solemnise your marriage.  Signed, sealed, delivered!


Written by me, for you.  Every time. You make changes, then all systems go.  We hike in to our location, I perform the ceremony, we hike out.


No obligation enquiry meetup. Meet, email & phone support.  A hand picked selection adapted for you of my music, words & rituals resources.


If you want music played at the Ceremony, I will make that happen!  If you want live music at your wedding, I will make it happen!

Professional Celebrant

You will have me for the Full Day (location can be a day hike).  I’ll be dressed for the day and will adhere to the Code of Practice for Celebrants.

As Well As

Advice on where to source: First aid, Bush navigation (if required).  Expert location advice. Site recce.