Ditch the public display and opt for a private wedding; it’s just about the two, after all. As more engaged couples opt for eloping for their dream day, it can be secretive and spontaneous but also well-known and well-planned. The choice is yours!

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You adore your partner and would love to make it official, but the thought of all that laborious big wedding planning fills you with dread. I get it. You want the day to be about you two, not pleasing the guests. You don’t need to fret about family feuds or feeding everyone with elopements.

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Don’t let tradition or people-pleasing stand in your way. You have the right to make your wedding day happen how you want. It might furrow some brows, but you’ve got a rebellious streak, and you certainly don’t need to make a show of your love to prove it’s real.

We could make an amazing team! Lean on me and make the process even easier so you guys can focus on what matters, each other. Get in touch for a no-obligation meeting. I am here to support you as you embark on your new life together.

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Complete, sign and lodge all the paperwork required before and after the Ceremony to solemnise your marriage. Signed, sealed, delivered!


If you want music played at the Ceremony, I will make that happen! If you want live music at your wedding, I will make it happen!


Written by me, for you. Every time. You make changes, then all systems go. We hike in to our location, I perform the ceremony, we hike out.

Professional Celebrant

You will have me for the Full Day (location can be a day hike). I’ll be dressed for the day and will adhere to the Code of Practice for Celebrants.


No obligation enquiry meetup. Meet, email & phone support. A hand picked selection adapted for you of my music, words & rituals resources.

As Well As

Expert location advice. Site recce rehearsal walk. My relationship support brochure.

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Back in the day, eloping meant running away secretly for your wedding day, which you can still do, but it’s not mandatory! Elopements are when a couple eschew a big wedding at home to go away, usually to an idyllic location. They are generally smaller weddings with just a few guests for a more intimate celebration. It could be just the two of you, as you can usually find willing witnesses at the location. However, you’d still need your celebrant and a photographer to mark the occasion.

If you’re an adventurous couple with a wild streak, eloping could be for you! Traditionally thought of as a spur of the moment thing, nowadays, you can plan it ahead of time to make sure your special day is absolutely perfect.

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Get a celebrant on board from the beginning and you will have an expert on hand for advice, support and that all-important big day. If you want stress-free wedding planning, get in touch today for an informal chat with no obligation. I’d love to meet you! You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Know your budget. Even for a small intimate wedding, it’s best to set these rather than risk getting carried away when the ideas start flowing. You will have the advantage of my inside knowledge, resources and cost-cutting tips.

Destination Selection. If you have an idea of the types of places where you feel most connected, I guarantee I’ll find you the perfect romantic destination.

Writing your Vows. Struggling to put pen to paper? I can help you there! I have plenty of inspiring samples, ideas and prompts to reveal your inner poet.

Planning the Day. What will the day be like, ceremony only or ceremony and party? Whatever you decide, take the pressure off and let me focus on crafting a beautiful ceremony for you and your beloved.

Vendors Required. Will you need a makeup artist, private chef or photographer? Don’t worry! I know people!

Why struggle to plan your own wedding when I can take away all the stress? With a bit of assistance from me, we can smooth out the whole process and create an absolutely amazing wedding!

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Bride groom
Bride groom


With so many reasons to choose elopement rather than a big ol’ do, here are a few:

  • You love the possibility of escaping to a beautiful location like Byron Bay and being surrounded by people close to you.
  • You want to feel comfortable on your wedding day. You dislike being the centre of attention and would feel more at ease without all eyes on you.
  • There is less to plan and worry about with just a few people attending your special day; it could be fun and stress-free.
  • Save yourself some money with a small guest list-usually less than 20.
  • Spend your wedding day focussing on each other rather than other people.
  • It could be a secret elopement filled with excitement and romance!
  • You don’t need to book a big fancy venue, opening up more unusual and outdoor locations.
  • Small weddings can mean more, as the guests will likely be real friends who are invested in you and your partner’s lives together.
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Frequently Asked Question

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable

1 Should elopements be kept secret?

Once you’ve decided on elopement, you could shroud your magical day in secrecy and not tell a soul. This could be an exciting secret to share, and many couples choose this route, preferring to divulge the details upon their return. However, you could also share your joyous occasion with close friends or family and maybe invite two special people to act as witnesses.

2 Does an elopement need to be ``no-frills``?

Just because elopements are on a smaller scale doesn’t mean they will be bland or basic; they can still be lavish affairs if you want to push for those luxuries. A scaled-down size means you can spend more indulging in your wedding fantasies. Even when working within a tight budget, you can create the best day by adding special touches to ensure that you absolutely nailed the perfect day. Look at all the vendors you might need and consider upgrading the parts that matter the most for your dream wedding.

3 How do I announce my elopement?

It needn’t be difficult to tell your family and friends you will elope. You chose each other to spend your lives together and telling your friends and family might be easier than you could’ve imagined. Of course, you can always decide to announce the elopement afterwards. There are some great ways to spill the beans, such as throwing a party, sending out announcement cards or posting a photo online of your beautiful wedding. Choose your moment and ensure your reveal carries your signature style.

What others say about Katie

Logan & Kasey CookeLogan & Kasey Cooke
09:16 03 Oct 22
We couldn't have asked for anyone better to be our celebrant on our special day!Katie is a charismatic and bubbly individual and we would highly recommend her for your special event.Katie really goes above and beyond making sure to take the time, answer all your questions and tailor the experience to your needs.A true gem 💎
Coryn Walsh-JonesCoryn Walsh-Jones
02:51 14 Jun 22
Katie is everything you need in a celebrant.She will guide you through the process and preparation of your wedding ceremony, whilst taking the time to learn about you and your partner as individuals.The vows were prepared for us by Katie as we requested and she thoroughly captured our personalities. They could not have been more perfect.Katie has a calm guiding hand and will adapt to whatever style of ceremony you wish.
Natalie mNatalie m
11:49 07 May 22
There are no words strong enough to express how great Katie is.She made us both feel completely at ease for the lead up and on the wedding day. She's just such a calming and lovely presence.No task or question was too hard and everything we threw at her, she accepted so willingly. She gave us some really epic ideas for the ceremony to include special people we wanted. There were so many laughs and tears. Not once did she make it about herself or anyone else but us.So many people complimented our choice in celebrant and asked where we found her which we so willingly passed on her details of course!
23:39 29 Jan 22
Katie provided us with exactly the kind of wedding service we were after.It was a small, intimate ceremony and Katie's kind and personalised words were perfect.Her audio equipment was perfect for everyone to hear everything, including the valued guests around the world who weren't able to attend in person but could watch through a live stream.She was also very effective at reassuring a nervous groom that everything would go smoothly - and it did!
Craig WellardCraig Wellard
09:09 20 Jan 22
Katie is friendly, kind and a really lovely person.From the very beginning she looked after everything. With Katie being so organised we didn't need to worry about anything just wait for the next instruction, it made for a relaxing and fun wedding day.We would recommend Katie to anyone wanting a truly memorable day

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