Legals Only Marriage Ceremony

Legals Only Marriage Ceremony

Sometimes you just wanna do things your way, am I right?   I hear you… Legals only can be for just you (and the required 2 witnesses) or you and as many guests as you want.  Oh, and me!

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This is for all of you out there who want it done and done right. You don’t need all the Bells and Whistles and just want whatever legal stuff that is required. Minimal fuss.  Let’s Meet ‘n’ Greet. An initial, obligation-free meeting to see if we are a perfect match.  I’ll show you what I can do and hear from you about what you want to do.

Snapshot Overview


Complete, sign and lodge all the paperwork required before and after the Ceremony to solemnise your marriage.


Short Legal Ceremony containing all the required elements to fulfill legal requirements.  Bookended with beautiful music.


Guidance, suggestion and advice to iron out all the necessary arrangements for your wedding including pre legalities.


Professional quality BOSE PA system with smartphone connectivity – if required.  This will be dependant on number of guests and venue.

Professional Celebrant

I will adhere to the Code of Practice for Celebrants.  Cover from my Public Liability Insurance at the Ceremony.  Professional presentation.

As Well As

Email or Phone contact with myself leading up to the big day.  My relationship support brochure.  Liaison with the venue if required.