Surprise! It’s a Wedding

Surprise! It’s a Wedding

So you’re engaged.  You’re looking towards the ‘Big Day’… You kinda just wanna plan a party and skip all the traditional Wedding ‘planning’… no problem!  Let’s do this.  But folks, FYI, you can’t surprise your partner, they have to be in on it from the get go to ensure it is legal and consenting, it’s just your guests who can have the surprise!


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The question has been popped.  The planning has begun. You have this brilliant idea – how bout we invite everyone to a big party, our engagement?  A birthday?  A family picnic?  Christmas lunch?  Then drop the Wedding Ceremony mid function!

This is a beautiful way to do things your way.  Let me tell you, I was born for this role, BORN for it!  I have a drama degree and improvisation skills galore with experience from classrooms to theatres to medical training.  In short, I can spin the greatest backstory of all time, will never (NEVER) be caught out by a guest before I jump on the mic to drop the big bombshell surprise and I can arrive at any time to mingle with your guests.

In terms of everything else, all the legals, well that’s just the same!



Complete, sign and lodge all the paperwork required before and after the Ceremony to solemnise your marriage.


Short Legal Ceremony containing all the required elements to fulfill legal requirements.  Bookended with beautiful music.


Guidance, suggestion and advice to iron out all the necessary arrangements for your wedding including pre legalities.


Professional quality BOSE PA system with smartphone connectivity – if required.  This will be dependant on number of guests and venue.

Professional Celebrant

I will adhere to the Code of Practice for Celebrants.  Cover from my Public Liability Insurance at the Ceremony.  Professional presentation.

As Well As

A trained, experienced Actor, Ballarat Academy of Dramatic Art (undergrad), Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA – London) Masters.