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You’re looking towards the ‘Big Day’… You kinda just wanna plan a party and skip all the traditional Wedding ‘planning’…

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So you’re engaged

You’re looking towards the ‘Big Day’… You kinda just wanna plan a party and skip all the traditional Wedding ‘planning’… no problem! Let’s do this. But folks, FYI, you can’t surprise your partner; they have to be in on it from the get-go to ensure it is legal and consenting; it’s just your guests who can have the surprise!

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The question has been popped. The planning has begun. You have this brilliant idea – how about we invite everyone to a big party, our engagement? A birthday? A family picnic? Christmas lunch? Then drop the Wedding Ceremony mid-function!

This is a beautiful idea to do things your way. Let me tell you; I was born for this role, BORN for it! I have a drama degree and improvisation skills galore with experience from classrooms to theatres to medical training. In short, I can spin the greatest backstory of all time, will never (NEVER) be caught out by a guest before I jump on the mic to drop the big bombshell surprise, and I can arrive at any time to mingle with your guests.

In terms of everything else, all the legals, well, that’s just the same!

Snapshot Overview


Complete, sign and lodge all the paperwork required before and after the Ceremony to solemnise your marriage. Signed, sealed, delivered!


If you want music played at the Ceremony, I will make that happen! If you want live music at your wedding, I will make it happen!


Written by me, for you. Every time. You make changes, then all systems go. We hike in to our location, I perform the ceremony, we hike out.

Professional Celebrant

You will have me for the Full Day (location can be a day hike). I’ll be dressed for the day and will adhere to the Code of Practice for Celebrants.


No obligation enquiry meetup. Meet, email & phone support. A hand picked selection adapted for you of my music, words & rituals resources.

As Well As

Expert location advice. Site recce rehearsal walk. My relationship support brochure. Network of other like-minded vendors.



If you decide to spring a surprise wedding on your friends and family, there are so many perks:

Fun and Excitement.  You’re a great team! You can have so much fun and create memorable moments together while working undercover to plan the sneakiest dream wedding of all time!

Awesome Anecdote.  After you are married, it will make a fantastic story to tell people how you managed to avoid getting rumbled despite your other half’s terrible poker face!

Less Pressure.  You two will be the only ones aware of any plan changes, and no one can stick their beak in and derail your plans!  

Ultimate Surprise.  Dropping the bombshell together and seeing all those surprised faces on your guests, knowing you pulled the wool over the eyes of even the most clued-in family members and friends.

Smaller Budget.  Cut costs with surprise weddings, forgo the bucks and hen do’s, and jump straight to the main event. Take advantage of my advice with a no-obligation meet-up today!

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First, you need a celebrant- that’s where I come in! I can help you plan your surprise wedding, from picking your decoy event, like an engagement party, to the big day. Your cover story will ensure all your wedding work is perceived as party planning.

Next, work through a checklist of everything you want at your surprise wedding and within your budget, including a photographer and videographer, decor, the wedding dress and suit, dinner choices and the order of events.

Once you’ve chosen the guests, decide if you want a dress code or particular style, such as black tie, to keep everyone super smart for those photos. You can state the dress code on the invitations.

Feel free to pick my brains; I’m brimming with ideas for this kind of wedding! I know that however you choose to celebrate, planning a surprise wedding will be worth it when you finally reveal the truth to your guests.

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Surprise wedding
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Keeping it Secret.  I’ve got you! With my acting expertise, I will help you avoid suspicion on the day and give you tips to ensure your cover story stays intact in the run-up. Oh! What a tangled web we’ll weave!

All the Vendors.  You can use my inside knowledge to help you choose photographers, stylists, caterers, cake-makers, locations, venues, music and entertainment!

Brainstorming.  You can lean on my creative background, years of experience and many resources so that you won’t be short on inspiration or ideas.

Vivacious Vows.  Struggling to get your feelings into words? Don’t worry- we can build your vows together, and with some gentle prompting, we can coax out what you want to say. With my passion for the dramatic and love of storytelling, you can tell me your love story and I will help you create magic!

Suprise Wedding Sidekick.  Keeping your lips sealed in front of your loved ones and friends won’t be easy; at times, you will be desperate to share the juicy details. When you’re just bursting to talk about it, that’s what I’m here for!

Ceremonial Saviour.  Conducting your ceremony on the day will be my pleasure. We’ve talked about your story and we’ve built this platform to share it – now it’s time to tell it.

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Frequently Asked Question

1 How many guests can be at the wedding ceremony?

Surprise weddings can be pretty intimate with only your parents, closest friends and just a few people, but they can also be a huge event with many guests. It’s your wedding; it really is up to you!

2 What about wedding gifts at surprise weddings?

If you have a good fake event that covers you both (engagement parties work), your guests will have prepared suitable gifts for a secret wedding. If the phony occasion is a birthday party, the gifts will be for one person, but you could send out Wishing Well cards so guests can make a financial donation to your lives together or invest in a charity close to your heart.

3 Do I really have to keep it secret from everyone?

It would be best if you let the vendors know. If you really need to confide in someone and the confidante is an expert secret-keeper, you can let your parents or best friend know the truth. Then you get to delegate and send them on cool secret missions!

4 Can the bride still wear a wedding dress?

Of course! You can even make the big reveal by entering the room in your dress! You could swiftly change right before someone makes the big announcement and make your grand entrance once the penny has dropped with your family and guests.

Alternatively, if the dress code is black tie, you could have a gown that would work for an engagement and a wedding. If you like, add a headdress and train.

Another option is to reveal the details of your secret event to your best friend or bridal party before anyone else, and they can help you get ready for your wedding and help to spring the huge surprise on everyone else.

What others say about Katie

Logan & Kasey CookeLogan & Kasey Cooke
09:16 03 Oct 22
We couldn't have asked for anyone better to be our celebrant on our special day!Katie is a charismatic and bubbly individual and we would highly recommend her for your special event.Katie really goes above and beyond making sure to take the time, answer all your questions and tailor the experience to your needs.A true gem 💎
Coryn Walsh-JonesCoryn Walsh-Jones
02:51 14 Jun 22
Katie is everything you need in a celebrant.She will guide you through the process and preparation of your wedding ceremony, whilst taking the time to learn about you and your partner as individuals.The vows were prepared for us by Katie as we requested and she thoroughly captured our personalities. They could not have been more perfect.Katie has a calm guiding hand and will adapt to whatever style of ceremony you wish.
Natalie mNatalie m
11:49 07 May 22
There are no words strong enough to express how great Katie is.She made us both feel completely at ease for the lead up and on the wedding day. She's just such a calming and lovely presence.No task or question was too hard and everything we threw at her, she accepted so willingly. She gave us some really epic ideas for the ceremony to include special people we wanted. There were so many laughs and tears. Not once did she make it about herself or anyone else but us.So many people complimented our choice in celebrant and asked where we found her which we so willingly passed on her details of course!
23:39 29 Jan 22
Katie provided us with exactly the kind of wedding service we were after.It was a small, intimate ceremony and Katie's kind and personalised words were perfect.Her audio equipment was perfect for everyone to hear everything, including the valued guests around the world who weren't able to attend in person but could watch through a live stream.She was also very effective at reassuring a nervous groom that everything would go smoothly - and it did!
Craig WellardCraig Wellard
09:09 20 Jan 22
Katie is friendly, kind and a really lovely person.From the very beginning she looked after everything. With Katie being so organised we didn't need to worry about anything just wait for the next instruction, it made for a relaxing and fun wedding day.We would recommend Katie to anyone wanting a truly memorable day

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